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How to Enjoy Your Wedding Day

I see it so often; brides (and some grooms too) show up to the wedding venue and they start stressing. They arrive early and they are eager to see the vision come to life. It's easy to feel impatient on the morning of your wedding day and its completely natural to want things to get started right away. Anxiety and nerves are natural wedding day emotions too.

There are three areas of a wedding day that you should avoid stressing over if you can. Remember, YOU set the tone for your wedding day. Your guests and vendors will naturally follow the energy you give off. If you are happy and patient and calm, your vendors, wedding party, and guests will match that. But when you worry about every little thing, when you get worked up over little mistakes or when you turn the energy negative, your vendors and wedding party will struggle bringing the positive energy back and your guests will wonder why you're not happy. Positivity is contagious, but so is negativity.

Let's get into it.

Details. When you wake up and you’re instantly worried about the details you’ve spent months putting together; this will start your day off so wrong. I get it, it's natural to worry about a day that you've spent so long planning. And it's expensive! You’ve spent so much time and money thinking about the decor and gathering things that you love. You’ve organized it (hopefully with the guidance of your Coordinator), you’ve created a detailed instruction list with pictures, and you’ve entrusted your Coordinator or family to place it on the wedding day. Trust that the vision will come together and trust your taste! If you’re worried about time, please know that 3-4 hours is plenty of time to set out your personal decor and it will get done. The best thing you can do on the wedding day if you are worried about your decor is to ask for pictures when it's all done or let yourself be surprised. The worst thing you can do is show up to the Venue during the setup and intervene. This will delay your timeline and getting ready pictures. Trust the process.

Vendors. You shouldn’t spend your wedding day worrying about your vendors. Let your Coordinator handle this part of the day. You’ve been speaking with your vendors for months; you chosen these vendors for a reason! You connected with them. You’ve given them all the necessary info they need for success. TRUST THEM, until they give you a reason not to. If you spend your wedding day wondering when your vendors are arriving, what they’re doing, if they’re being nice, or if you harp on the little mistakes (because let’s face it we are all human and nobody is perfect), you won’t enjoy your day and you’ll miss special moments with your loved ones and new spouse.

Guests. Worrying about what your guests will think is a horrible way to spend your wedding day. You’ve put this day together for YOU, not for them. If you wake up on the wedding day and start second guessing your venue, your decor, your music, your dress, your food- you will ruin your own vision. And if you’ve invited the right people then those people will love your day as much as you should. Be so proud of all the hard work you've done! Love your vision and your guests will too.

Bottom line, leave your worry at the door when you arrive to your venue. Trust your vision, trust your vendor team, trust the time and effort you’ve put into it all, and trust that your guests will love your wedding day as much as you hope to. Try to enjoy your day with your loved ones and live that day presently. If you don’t, you’ll wake up the next day and you’ll regret that you didn’t focus on what mattered.

This day only happens ONCE, don’t ruin it for yourself by worrying about the little things! Little things that truly do not matter in the grand scheme of things. Enjoy every second that you can and try to be as present as possible with your new spouse and your loved ones. Everything else will go how it goes and will be what YOU make of it.

Happy Wedding Planning!

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